Our team is headed up by Mark Pagdin, a former accountant with years of Real Estate knowledge built from running his own investment property portfolio. Mark specializes in Investment properties and property services for overseas clients, as well as sales and purchases.

Negotiating Professionals
Since we’ve worked with hundreds of buyers, we understand their mindset when they make an offer. We know how to negotiate to get you the most money and best contract terms. It’s all about understanding how to get a well qualified buyer to make an offer.

Strategic Pricing
The price we list your property at is ultimately your decision. We’ll supply the market analysis, statistics and facts that will help you make the right decision. If you want our advice, we’re always happy to give it. But remember, it is only worth what someone is willing to pay!

An Eye for Detail
Once we list your property you can be assured that we are committed to helping you achieve your sale. We monitor your web traffic, provide escorted showings, and relay feedback from agents and prospective buyers. We also keep an eye on the competition in your neighborhood, because we always want your property to be the most desirable of the pack.

We’d love to see your house!
Even if you are not quite ready for that next step, you can test the waters with our Online Market Analysis – just complete the form to the right. You’ll receive detailed information on recently sold homes and we’ll do our best to estimate your home’s present value on the market today (without seeing it in person, of course).