Resident FAQ

Who has to sign the lease?

All occupants over the age of 18 must sign the lease.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

During regular business hours, please call our office directly. After hours, contact your property manager or the Warner Quinlan emergency phone at 407-923-0797.

What qualifies as an emergency?

An emergency is active plumbing leak, sanitation backup, AC or heat outage, or electric outage. If there is a fire or break in, please call 911 before calling your Warner Quinlan property manager. Please only call with a genuine emergency!

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Warner Quinlan gives until the 5th to pay rent without incurring a late fee. After the 5th, you will receive a late fee, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

How can I pay my rent?

You can pay your monthly rent quickly and easily as a one-time payment or set it to pay every month on the same day. Payment options are via eCheck, credit card or cash at 7-11. There are no rent processing fees if you pay via eCheck/ACH. Contact your property manager to activate the Tenant Portal Welcome Letter and it has instructions on how to verify your account. If you already have a tenant portal account then go here and sign in with your user ID and password.

What if my check is returned?

You are responsible for fees incurred, including a returned check fee and late fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Do you accept pets?

Pets are often possible upon approval on a case by case basis. There is a $250 pet fee.

Do I need Renter’s Insurance?

It is not required, but we strongly recommend it. Warner Quinlan, nor the homeowner of the
property you are renting, will be responsible for replacing goods that are damaged.

Do you offer rent to own homes?

Yes, on a case by case basis. Speak to your property manager to inquire if this is an option.

How often should I change the AC filter?

AC filters should be changed every 30 days.

Can I paint my walls?

>Any cosmetic changes to the property must be approved by the property manager and Owner
before any work is done. Proposals need to be submitted in writing, with proposed color chips
included. You will be responsible for painting the walls back to the original color at the end of your lease, or this will be charged against your security deposit.

Who takes care of maintenance?

Warner Quinlan coordinates licensed and insured vendors on behalf of our Owners. If you hire
your own vendor to take care of an issue, you will be responsible for paying them and will not
be reimbursed by Warner Quinlan/the Owner.

Who is responsible for yard maintenance?

Unless otherwise stated in your lease, you, the tenant, are responsible for yard maintenance.
Yard maintenance means maintaining lawn, trees, bushes, etc. It includes regular watering,
mowing, trimming, fertilization, and landscaping.

Can I apply my security deposit towards rent?

No. Even in your last month of occupancy, you must still pay rent on the 1st of the month. Your deposit may not be used as a substitute, NO EXCEPTIONS!