Davenport property managers make your life easier! We don’t just effectively market your property, we ensure the highest quality tenants, collect tenants rent as well as expertly manage your property.

We take care of everything for you. There is no need to worry about maintenance phone calls in the middle of the night or difficult tenants that won’t pay rent because your property manager will deal with it on your behalf.

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The benefits of having us as Your Davenport Property Manager:

Warner Quinlan is a well-established property management company with over 45 years of experience. Trust us, we’ve got experience serving the Davenport region rental home market with quality and professionalism.

We are going to display your property to a huge market of interested renters, including major local employers. Our property managers provide rental application forms, along with dependable applicant screening in order to ensure well qualified tenants. We carefully screen each applicant and complete thorough background checks.

Once we place an appropriate renter in your Davenport rental property, we collect the monthly rent on your account. It is our job to make sure that all rent is paid each month and to confront tenants to enforce the terms of the lease if they forget to pay.

During the occupancy, if any maintenance or repairs are necessary we organize qualified vendors to do the necessary restoration. We also negotiate rent reviews and comply with local, state and national laws.

We run regular inspections to make sure that everything is well maintained in your home and the financial worth of your investments is covered.

We differ from other property management companies by designating a rental territory to a property manager, from out team of managers. This method allows for a faster response time for showings and home inspections. Giving a property manager their own rental territory to oversee, gives our managers more in-depth knowledge about each local rental market.

You already have enough worries in your life without the stress of managing your own rental property. Let Warner Quinlan do the work for you.

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Tailored Property Management

Leasing Services

  • Receive and follow up on prospect calls, voicemails, and emails seeking rental information
  • Pass on prospect feedback, advise on pricing or marketing, and update property listings
  • Negotiate lease terms and conditions, including special owner stipulations, HOA and condo association rules and regulations, and legally required disclosures
  • Administer a move-in inspection, including a move-in inspection report with photographs documenting the initial condition of the property prior to move-in

Tenant Management

  • Prompt collection of your monthly rent
  • Follow-up on late payments via phone/e-mail
  • 3-day notice posting for non-payment
  • Protection from unplanned eviction expenses
  • Evictions/dispossessory proceedings handled in-house
  • Lease renewals
  • Service request processing
  • Turning renters into buyers

Tenant Screening

  • Credit check
  • Criminal record background check
  • Tenant eviction history
  • Employment and salary verification
  • Rental history verification

Management Services

  • Move in and out inspection reports complete with photos
  • Organize maintenance and repairs
  • After-hour repair & maintenance emergency line
  • Renewal inspection report complete with photos
  • Online 24/7 access to your income and expense statements
  • Ability to approve tenant service requests and pay bills on-line via the portal
  • Letter to demand outstanding rent from tenant
  • Coordinating eviction and lockout services

Owner Protection Programs

Eviction Protection Plan

Unfortunately, the possibility of unexpected expenses is a risk that every landlord is faced with. These expenses can come from evictions or can be due to lost rent. It used to be considered the cost of “doing business”. At Warner Quinlan we don’t consider it a cost of “doing business”.

Warner Quinlan works to ensure tranquility for rental property owners in the Davenport region. We offer rental owners an Eviction Protection Plan for only 6$ per month. If an eviction becomes necessary for one of our tenants, we will cover the cost of the eviction and reclaiming possession of the property. We place pre-screened tenants into your rental property and it is our responsibility to deal with them.

If you are interested in more information and terms and conditions on our Eviction Protection Plan, please feel free to contact us. Our team would be happy to tell you more about this worthwhile benefit.

Rent Protection Plan

Warner Quinlan has a Rent Protection Plan offered in concurrence with our Eviction Protection Plan. In the improbable event that eviction is necessary against a tenant placed by us on the owner’s behalf, the Eviction Protection Plan would cover the legal costs of eviction. The Eviction Protection Plan however, does not cover the cost of lost rent. This is where the Rent Protection Plan comes into play. The Rent Protection Plan helps compensate for the lost rental income in the form on one month’s rent.

Evictions can take between 30 to 60 days due to the number of evictions processed during the year. During this time, property owners will not be collecting rent, this extent of time in which no rental income is collected can greatly impact owners who still have the ongoing costs of owning a running a rental property. Our Rental Protection Plan compensates for this pause and reimburses the owner with the the equivalent of one month’s rent. This reimbursement is in addition to the rent monies collected on the security deposit claim that will be put in place. Providing the owner with up to 60 days of rental coverage while waiting for the eviction process to take place and receive possession of the property.

To prepare for the worst we recommend that property owners combine both the Eviction Protection Plan & the Rent Protection Plan for the cost of $15 per month.

Davenport Area Information

Davenport is located within Central Florida near several theme parks including Walt Disney World parks, SeaWorld and Universal Studios. Davenport has become a popular area for employees of the attractions. The city is in a period of economic growth, with new residential and commercial areas being developed. The historic and quaint downtown area of Davenport has regular community events that cater to the residents of the Davenport, Clermont and Lakeland areas.