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For almost 50 years, Warner Quinlan, Inc. has been the leading name in leasing & property management in the Greater Orlando area.

This longevity means we have the professionalism, knowledge, and experience to meet your needs as a property Owner or resident seeking a rental home.

Our team of Property Managers have over 75 combined years of property management experience. Together with our staff, we are available to provide you with the professional services necessary to manage your investment property.

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I came to Jose Vega with Warner Quinlan from a very bad management experience with my former property management company who were a small family run business, but did not seem to know how to manage properly. As soon as Jose started managing my accounts, not only did he turn my units around in less than 2 months from being delinquent on rents to current, but I’m now receiving more rental income then I ever have since I’ve owned my investment properties. I’ve never been happier and I now feel like I don’t have to constantly worry each month if…

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- Stuart S., UK

Jose Vega was great! He helped us find the perfect investment townhouses. We were not in town while they were being built and he followed up with the builder regularly. We felt comfortable knowing Jose would be there to take care of any issues. Would highly recommend Jose at Warner Quinlan to help you find your next home! Jose@WarnerQuinlan.com

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- Ford R., CA

Warner Quinlan has been managing my Orlando properties for 10 years and have done a very professional job. Working with Kelly Tiley has been a very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend Kelly and this firm to anyone who needs property management. Kelly@WarnerQuinlan.com

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- Reckling R., FL

My Father in Law started our successful relationsip with Mr Warner over 40 years ago (1972). Till that time we’ve been and are highly satisfied with the service WQ povides in taking care of all our properties – even now when we have a remote connection from Europe due to inheritance…

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- Zsolt T., Hungary

I bought my first rental property through Mark back in 2007. I was intrigued and impressed by his in depth knowledge and unusual caution to not let me buy whatever house I told him interested me, but to buy in the RIGHT location. Now I have 4 properties with Warner Quinlan and working on acquiring more. I highly recommend people to speak to Mark BEFORE you buy. Kathy@warnerquinlan.com

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- Jan S., IN

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Do Property Managers Cover The Costs Of An Eviction?

May 15, 2018

Landlord often ask this question when they have has a bad experience with tenant and /or they have a delinquent tenant who they feel they might need to evict. Evictions of bad tenants are one of a landlord’s worst worries and nightmares,due to lost rent, cost of eviction filings and the unpleasant confrontation involved not to mention property damages by the delinquent tenant. Typically a property manager (PM) WILL NOT cover the associated cost of an eviction. 1. Cost. Eviction cost in central Florida range from 800-1000 for a single eviction case. This will encompass the filling fees attorney, serving…

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Do I Have To Honor An Existing Tenant’s Lease?

May 15, 2018

This question is often asked by Landlords who have recently bought or acquired a property with a tenant already in residence and they either want to regain possession of the property or have the tenant live in the property on “their” terms. Basically, if there is a tenant already in the property you have acquired and there is an existing lease in force then the answer is “yes” you must honor the terms of the existing lease in place, certainly until it expires. There are a couple of points to consider here as to which is the best way for…

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How Do I Market My House For Rent?

May 15, 2018

One question we get asked a lot is “What tips do you have for a landlord who wishes to list their rental property and advertise it for rent?” I’ve done this list and I call it 5 Tips for Listing My Rental Property. Video/Moving Photos You should bank on using video. Video is the modern way to advertise — it’s what everyone wants to see – it’s what tenants ask for. They want to see a video of what the property is like inside. If you don’t have a video, try using moving photos. There’s a number of photo editing…

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Do Property Managers Mark-up Invoices?

May 15, 2018

This question is frequently asked by landlords who are shopping for the services of professional property managers and are previously used to doing their own repairs and/or using their own vendors. These landlords tend to be either not familiar with, or even suspicious of how property managers (PM’s) work. The answer to this question is quite simple; Some do, and some don’t! Why do they mark-up invoices? The best and easiest way to find out what policy a professional property manager (PM) has for this, is to simply ask the question outright and early on in discussion, as some management…

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What Will My House Rent For?

May 15, 2018

There are a few strategies to setting the rental price on your property when advertising online. Depending upon your personal circumstances and your own strategy, the rental price will vary. Below is a basic timeline for how a property management company or landlord should price their rental property: Comparable Rentals in the local market = $1,500 per month Above Market Rent: No Rush $1,700 per month | Wait 7 to 10 days | True Market Rent: Average $1,500 per month | Wait 10 to 20 days | Below Market Rent: Rush $1,300 per month As you can see, there are three points where you…

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