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It is unfortunate, but the possibility of unexpected expenses are a risk for every landlord. Sometimes it is due to evictions and sometimes to lost rent. In the past, it has been considered the cost of “doing business”. 

Not anymore.

Warner Quinlan provides peace of mind to rental property owners in the Greater Orlando area by offering our Eviction Protection Plan and Rent Protection plan.

Eviction Protection Plan - only $6 per month

When we place a pre-screened tenant into your rental property and an eviction becomes necessary, we will cover the cost of the eviction and regaining possession of the property. In other words we stand by the tenants we place!

For more information and terms and conditions on our Eviction Protection Plan, please contact us at and we will be pleased to tell you more about this valuable benefit.

Rent Protection Plan - only $9 per month

The Warner Quinlan Rent Protection Plan is designed to run in conjunction with our Eviction Protection Plan.

In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to begin eviction proceedings against a tenant placed by us on the owner's behalf, the Eviction Protection Plan would cover the legal costs of the eviction. But there is also the significant issue to a landlord of the lost rental income. This is where the Rent Protection Plan helps with contributing towards the lost rental income in the form of one month’s rent.

Evictions in the Central Florida area can take, on average, between 30 and 60 days. Due to the number of evictions processed during certain times of the year, the eviction process could take longer. During this time, you will not be collecting rent. This period of no rental income can hurt owners who still have the ongoing costs of owning and running a rental property.

Our Rent Protection Plan is designed to reimburse the owner the equivalent of one month’s rent. This is in addition to rent monies claimed on the security deposit claim that will be filed.

This provides our owner with up to 60 days of rental coverage while we wait for the eviction process to move through the courts and possession of property is regained.

For total assurance we recommend our property owners combine the Eviction Protection Plan & Rent Protection Plan for the modest cost of only $15 per month.

For more information on our Owner Protection Programs, please contact us. We will be pleased to tell you more about this valuable benefit of doing business with Warner Quinlan.